Measurement of the mass of the $W$ boson in $e^{+} e^{-}$ collisions at $S^{(1/2)}$ = 161-GeV

  title={Measurement of the mass of the \$W\$ boson in \$e^\{+\} e^\{-\}\$ collisions at \$S^\{(1/2)\}\$ = 161-GeV},
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This letter describes the rst observation of W boson pair production at a centre-of-mass energy p s = 161:3 GeV in the OPAL detector at LEP. The analysis is sensitive to all expected WW decay channels. A total of 28 events have been selected for an integrated luminosity of 9:89 0:06 pb . This is consistent with the Standard Model expectation, including signal and background contributions. The W pair production cross-section is measured to be WW = 3:62 +0:93 0:82 0:16 pb. An analysis of the… CONTINUE READING


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