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Measurement of the magnetic moment of the 2+1 state of 72Zn via extension of the high-velocity transient-field method

  title={Measurement of the magnetic moment of the 2+1 state of 72Zn via extension of the high-velocity transient-field method},
  author={Enrico Fiori},
Les moments magnetiques peuvent donner des details sur la structure nucleaire et sur la composition de la fonction d'onde du noyau, tout specialement si le caractere de particule independante du noyau est preponderant. Pour cette raison, le moment magnetique du premier etat excite du noyau radioactif riche en neutrons 72Zn a ete mesure au Grand Accelerateur National d'Ions Lourds (GANIL, Caen, France). Le resultat de l'experience a confIrme les predictions du modele en couches, meme si l… 
Magnetic dipole moments as a strong signature for $\alpha$-clustering in even-even self-conjugate nuclei
We investigate the magnetic dipole moments in even-even self-conjugate nuclei from 12 C to 44 Ti. For the latter, the measured gyromagnetic factors of excited states turn out to assume the same value


Sur le principe de Pauli dans les noyaux - III.
Les nouvelles mesures d'Aston sur la composition isotopique des terres rares ont permis de completer le systeme des couches neutroniques indique dans Il, de sorte qu'il comprend maintenant tous les
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  • P. Kam, S. Liew
  • »Aufklärung« als Periodenbegriff der Ideologiegeschichte
  • 1973
Tels que des flots dans un grand fleuve, nous avons chacun un petit mouvement et nous faisons un peu de bruit dans le large courant qui nous emporte; mais nous allons avec les autres et nous
Large transient magnetic fields at high ion velocities in polarized iron
Nuclear spin precessions due to the transient magnetic field in polarized Fe have been measured as a function of the initial velocity of28Si ions in the first-excited nuclear state. The transient
Transient magnetic field measurements for even Ge isotopes
The magnetic moments of the first 2+ states in 70,72,74,76Ge and the second 2+ state in 74Ge have been measured using the thin-foil transient field technique. The measurements were performed in a
Nuclear structure of the first 2{sup +} state in radioactive {sup 68}Ge based on g factor and lifetime measurements
The g factor of the 2{sub 1}{sup +} state of radioactive {sup 68}Ge (T{sub 1/2}=270 d) has been measured for the first time. The technique used is based on {alpha} transfer from a {sup 12}C target to
Spin exchange between ion probes and localized moments in ferromagnets as the origin of transient fields.
It is shown that calculations involving hydrogenlike ions explain the size of the experimentally observed polarization effects as well as their velocity dependence for various ion probes traversing thin iron foils.
Monopole migration in 69 , 71 , 73 Cu observed from b decay of laser-ionized 68 – 74
The neutron-rich isotopes Ni have been produced at the LISOL facility in the fission of U induced by a 30-MeV proton beam. They have been extracted selectively through resonant laser ionization and
The12C(21+) state as probe for transient magnetic fields in polarized iron
PAC measurements on the 4.43 MeV12C(2+) state on recoil in magnetized iron at velocitiesvion=2.1v0, 6.0v0, 7.4v0 yield integral precession angles of ϕ=+0.72(18), +0.94(16) and +0.71(18) mrad,