Measurement of the fine-structure constant as a test of the Standard Model

  title={Measurement of the fine-structure constant as a test of the Standard Model},
  author={R. Parker and C. Yu and Weicheng Zhong and Brian Estey and H. M{\"u}ller},
  pages={191 - 195}
  • R. Parker, C. Yu, +2 authors H. Müller
  • Published 2018
  • Physics, Materials Science, Medicine
  • Science
  • Refining the fine-structure constant The fine-structure constant, α, is a dimensionless constant that characterizes the strength of the electromagnetic interaction between charged elementary particles. Related by four fundamental constants, a precise determination of α allows for a test of the Standard Model of particle physics. Parker et al. used matter-wave interferometry with a cloud of cesium atoms to make the most accurate measurement of α to date. Determining the value of α to an accuracy… CONTINUE READING
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