Measurement of the depth of maximum of extensive air showers above 10{18} eV.

  title={Measurement of the depth of maximum of extensive air showers above 10\{18\} eV.},
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  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={104 9},
We describe the measurement of the depth of maximum, X{max}, of the longitudinal development of air showers induced by cosmic rays. Almost 4000 events above 10;{18} eV observed by the fluorescence detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory in coincidence with at least one surface detector station are selected for the analysis. The average shower maximum was found to evolve with energy at a rate of (106{-21}{+35}) g/cm{2}/decade below 10{18.24+/-0.05} eV, and (24+/-3) g/cm{2}/decade above this… CONTINUE READING


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