Measurement of the cosmic microwave background polarization lensing power spectrum with the POLARBEAR experiment.

  title={Measurement of the cosmic microwave background polarization lensing power spectrum with the POLARBEAR experiment.},
  author={Peter A. R. Ade and Yuuichi Akiba and Aubra Elan Anthony and Klaus Arnold and Matt Atlas and Darcy Riley Barron and Daniel B{\"o}ttger and Julian Borrill and S C Chapman and Yuji Chinone and Matt A. Dobbs and Tucker Elleflot and Josquin Errard and Giulio Fabbian and Chunmu Feng and Deirdre Flanigan and Audrey Gilbert and William Grainger and Nils William Halverson and Munetake Hasegawa and Kazumasa Hattori and Masashi Hazumi and W. L. Holzapfel and Yasunori Hori and John David Paul Howard and P. O. Hyland and Yoshiyuki Inoue and Gregory C. Jaehnig and Andrew H. Jaffe and Brian Gregory Keating and Zigmund David Kermish and Reijo Keskitalo and Tulay Kisner and Morgane Le Jeune and Alex Taekyoung Lee and Eric Linder and Erik M. Leitch and Maria Fluştur Lungu and Fuyuki Matsuda and Takashi Matsumura and Xianying. Meng and Nicholas J. Miller and Hideki Morii and Stephanie Moyerman and Marie J. Myers and Martin Navaroli and Hiroaki Nishino and Hans Peter Paar and Julien Peloton and Erin Elizabeth Quealy and Gabriel Rebeiz and Christian L. Reichardt and Paul L. Richards and Catherine Bourland Ross and I. Schanning and David E. Schenck and Blake Daniel Sherwin and Akira Shimizu and Chase Shimmin and M. V. Shimon and Praween Siritanasak and Graeme Smecher and Heinrich Spieler and Nathan Christopher Stebor and Bastian Steinbach and Radek Stompor and Akira Suzuki and Shinichi Takakura and Tadashi Tomaru and Bradley E. Wilson and Abhishek Yadav and Oliver Zahn},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={113 2},
Gravitational lensing due to the large-scale distribution of matter in the cosmos distorts the primordial cosmic microwave background (CMB) and thereby induces new, small-scale B-mode polarization. This signal carries detailed information about the distribution of all the gravitating matter between the observer and CMB last scattering surface. We report the first direct evidence for polarization lensing based on purely CMB information, from using the four-point correlations of even- and odd… CONTINUE READING
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