Measurement of the branching ratio of the decay $\Xi^{0} \rightarrow \Sigma^{+} \mu^{-} \overline{\nu}_{\mu}$

  title={Measurement of the branching ratio of the decay \$\Xi^\{0\} \rightarrow \Sigma^\{+\} \mu^\{-\} \overline\{\nu\}_\{\mu\}\$},
  author={J. R. Batley and George Ernest Kalmus and Cristina Lazzeroni and D. J. Munday and Mehul V. Patel and M. W. Slater and S. A. Wotton and Roberta Arcidiacono and G. Bocquet and Augusto Ceccucci and David Cundy and N. Doble and V. P. Falaleev and Laurent Gatignon and A. Le Gonidec and Per Grafstrom and Werner Kubischta and Flavio Marchetto and Ivan Mikulec and A. Norton and Bernd Panzer-Steindel and Peter Rubin and Heinrich Wahl and E. Goudzovski and Peter Zahariev Hristov and Vladimir D Kekelidze and Venelin Kozhuharov and Leander Litov and D. T. Madigozhin and N. A. Molokanova and Yu. Potrebenikov and Stoyan Stoynev and Anastasia Zinchenko and Emmanuel Monnier and E. C. Swallow and Roland Winston and Riccardo Sacco and A. L. Walker and Wander Baldini and Pl Dalpiaz and P. L. Frabetti and Alberto Gianoli and Marco Martini and Fabrizio Petrucci and Marco Scarpa and Mauro Savri{\'e} and Andrea Bizzeti and Milene Calvetti and Gianmaria Collazuol and Eleonora Iacopini and M. Lenti and G. Ruggiero and M. Veltri and M. Behler and K. Eppard and M. Eppard and Andreas Hirstius and Konrad Kleinknecht and Ueli Koch and Lorenzo Masetti and Peter Marouelli and Ulrich Moosbrugger and C. Morales Morales and Antje Peters and Rainer Wanke and Andreas Winhart and Anne Dabrowski and Teresa Fonseca Martin and Mayda Velasco and Giuseppina Anzivino and Patrizia Cenci and E. Imbergamo and Grazia Lamanna and Pasquale Lubrano and Andrea Michetti and Aniello Nappi and Marianna Pepe and M. C. Petrucci and Mauro Piccini and Marisa Valdata and Cristina Cerri and Frank Costantini and Riccardo Fantechi and Lidia Fiorini and Sergio Giudici and Italo Mannelli and Giuseppe Pierazzini and M y Sozzi and C. Cheshkov and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Ch{\`e}ze and Marc de Beer and Pascal Debu and Guillaume Gouge and G{\'e}rard Marel and E. Mazzucato and Bernard Peyaud and Bertrand Vallage and M. Holder and A. A. Maier and Michael Ziolkowski and Simone Bifani and Cristina Biino and N. Cartiglia and Marco Clemencic and S. Goy Lopez and Elena Menichetti and Nadia Pastrone and Wojciech Wislicki and Heinz Dibon and Manfred Jeitler and Manfred Markytan and Gunther Neuhofer and L. Widhalm},
  • J. R. Batley, George Ernest Kalmus, +110 authors L. Widhalm
  • Published 2012
  • Physics
  • From the 2002 data taking with a neutral kaon beam extracted from the CERN-SPS, the NA48/1 experiment observed 97 $\Xi^{0}\rightarrow \Sigma^{+} \mu^{-} \bar{\nu}_{\mu}$ candidates with a background contamination of $30.8 \pm 4.2$ events. From this sample, the BR($\Xi^{0}\rightarrow \Sigma^{+} \mu^{-} \bar{\nu}_{\mu}$) is measured to be $(2.17 \pm 0.32_{\mathrm{stat}}\pm 0.17_{\mathrm{syst}})\times10^{-6}$.