Measurement of the branching fractions and lifetime of the 5 D 5 /2 level of Ba +

  title={Measurement of the branching fractions and lifetime of the 5 D 5 /2 level of Ba +},
  author={Carolyn Auchter and Thomas W. Noel and Matthew R. Hoffman and Spencer R. Williams and Boris B. Blinov},
  journal={Physical Review A},
We present a measurement of the branching fractions for decay from the long-lived $5D_{5/2}$ level in \Ba. The branching fraction for decay into the $6S_{1/2}$ ground state was found to be $0.846(25)_{\mathrm{stat}}(4)_{\mathrm{sys}}$. We also report an improved measurement of the $5D_{5/2}$ lifetime, $\tau_{5D_{5/2}}=31.2(0.9)$~s. Together these measurements provide the first experimental determination of transition rates for decay out of the $5D_{5/2}$ level. The low ($<7 \times 10^{-12… 

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