Measurement of the atmospheric muon depth intensity relation with the NEMO Phase-2 tower

  title={Measurement of the atmospheric muon depth intensity relation with the NEMO Phase-2 tower},
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Measurement of the atmospheric muon flux at 3500 m depth with the NEMO Phase-2 detector

In March 2013, the Nemo Phase-2 tower was successfully deployed at 80 km off-shore Capo Passero (Italy) at 3500 m depth. The tower operated continuously until August 2014. We present the results of

Long term monitoring of the optical background in the Capo Passero deep-sea site with the NEMO tower prototype

The NEMO Phase-2 tower is the first detector which was operated underwater for more than 1 year at the “record” depth of 3500 m. It was designed and built within the framework of the NEMO (NEutrino

The Trigger and Data Acquisition System for the KM3NeT-Italy neutrino telescope

KM3NeT-Italy is an INFN project that will develop the central part of a submarine cubic-kilometer neutrino telescope in the Ionian Sea, at about 80 km from the Sicilian coast (Italy). It will use

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Cosmic-ray muons detected by deep underground and underwater detectors have served as an information source on the high-energy cosmic-ray spectrum and hadronic interactions in air showers for almost

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The KM3NeT European experiment is building a large volume underwater neutrino telescope in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to a dedicated funding by the Italian Ministry of Education,

The LED Beacon prototype system for the on-shore time calibration of the KM3NeT-IT Towers

The first implementation of the KM3NeT-IT neutrino telescope consists in the installation of 24 Strings and 8 Towers. Focusing on the Towers, the idea behind this work is to exploit the LED sources

KM3NeT-ARCA project status and plan

The KM3NeT Collaboration aims at building a research infrastructure in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea hosting a cubic kilometre neutrino telescope. The KM3NeT/ARCA detector is the ideal

Operation and results of the prototype KM3NeT detection unit

KM3NeT will be a km3 -scale neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean Sea. The detector will consist of blocks of about one hundred detection units. Each detection unit will host 18 digital optical

The Trigger and Data Acquisition System for the KM3NeT-Italia towers

KM3NeT-Italia is an INFN project supported with Italian PON fundings for building the core of the Italian node of the KM3NeT neutrino telescope. The detector, made of 700 10′′ Optical Modules (OMs)



Status and first results of the NEMO Phase-2 tower

In March 2013, the NEMO Phase 2 tower has been successfully installed in the Capo Passero site, at a depth of 3500 m and 80 km off from the southern coast of Sicily. The unfurled tower is 450 m high;