Measurement of the Velocity of Light in a Partial Vacuum

  title={Measurement of the Velocity of Light in a Partial Vacuum},
  author={Albert Abraham Michelson and Francis G. Pease and F. Pearson},
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Louis Essen and the Velocity of Light: From Wartime Radar to Unit of Length

Louis Essen (1908–1997), working at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, England, was the first scientist to realize that the value for the velocity of light used widely during World War

The story of c

The letter c is the standard symbol for the speed of light, but that was not always the case. I describe how c was first introduced into the theory of electromagnetism and the stages by which it came

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Speed of Light, Historical Review to 1972

Light is the principal means for finding out about our surroundings, for the most primitive requirements of finding our way, as well as for obtaining a profound understanding of our universe

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The characteristics of the one-dimensional generalized hyperbolic distributions are discussed, and the questions of maximum likelihood estimation for the hyperbolic distribution are considered in

Laser wavelength measurements and the speed of light

Early determinations of the speed of light, based on astronomical observations or terrestrial time-of-flight experiments, were largely superseded in the 1940's by measurements of the frequency and