Measurement of the Bs0→J/ψK*0 branching fraction and angular amplitudes

  title={Measurement of the Bs0→J/ψK*0 branching fraction and angular amplitudes},
  author={LHCb collaboration R. Aaij and Carlos Abell{\'a}n Beteta and Aleksandra Adametz and Bernardo Adeva and Marianna Adinolfi and C. Adrover and A. A. Affolder and Ziad Ajaltouni and Johannes Albrecht and Federico Alessio and Magazinov Alexander and S. Ali and Georgy Alkhazov and P. Alvarez Cartelle and A. A. Alves and Sandra Amato and Yasmine Amhis and J. Anderson and R. B. Appleby and Osvaldo Aquines Guti{\'e}rrez and Flavio Archilli and A. Artamonov and Marina Artuso and Elie Aslanides and Giulio Auriemma and Sebastian Bachmann and J. J. Back and Vladislav Balagura and Wander Baldini and R. J. Barlow and Colin Barschel and S. Barsuk and William Barter and A. Bates and Ch Bauer and Th. Bauer and Anders Bay and John Beddow and Ignacio Bediaga and S. A. Belogurov and Konstantin Belous and Igor Belyaev and Eric Benhaim and Maurice Benayoun and Giovanni Bencivenni and Sean Benson and Jack S Benton and R. Bernet and M. -O. 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Ubeda Garcia and Artur Ukleja and Ulrich Uwer and Vincenzo Vagnoni and Giovanna Valenti and R. Vazquez Gomez and P. Vazquez Regueiro and Stefania Vecchi and J. J. Velthuis and M. Veltri and Giovanni Veneziano and Mikko Vesterinen and Benoit Viaud and Ioana Videau and D. Vieira and Xavier Vilas{\'i}s-Cardona and Jevgenij Vi{\vs}niakov and Achim Vollhardt and Dmytro Volyanskyy and David Voong and Alexey Vorobyev and Vitaly Vorobyev and Christian Vo{\ss} and Helge Voss and Rolf Waldi and R. Wallace and Sebastian Wandernoth and Jinli Wang and D. R. Ward and N. K. Watson and A. D. Webber and D. Websdale and Mark Whitehead and Jean Wicht and D. Wiedner and L. W. Wiggers and George Wilkinson and M. P. Williams and F. F. Wilson and Julian Wishahi and Mariusz Witek and W. Witzeling and S. A. Wotton and S. Wright and Shuangxi Wu and Kenneth Wyllie and Y. Xie and Fei Xing and Z. Xing and Z. Yang and R. D. Young and X. Yuan and Oleg Yushchenko and M. Zangoli and Mikhail Zavertyaev and Fu-qiang Zhang and Ls Zhang and W. Chen X.-Y. Zhang and Yanfeng Zhang and Alexey Zhelezov and Lieping Zhong and Andrey Zvyagin},
A sample of 114±11 Bs0→J/ψK -π + signal events obtained with 0.37fb -1 of pp collisions at √s=7TeV collected by the LHCb experiment is used to measure the branching fraction and polarization amplitudes of the Bs0→J/ψK *0 decay, with K *0→K -π +. The K -π + mass spectrum of the candidates in the Bs0 peak is dominated by the K *0 contribution. Subtracting the nonresonant K -π + component, the branching fraction of Bs0→J/ψK *0 is (4.4-0.4+0.5±0.8)×10 -5, where the first uncertainty is statistical… CONTINUE READING

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