Measurement of testicular volume: comparison of 3 different methods.

  title={Measurement of testicular volume: comparison of 3 different methods.},
  author={Seppo Taskinen and Matti Taavitsainen and Sakari Wikstr{\"o}m},
  journal={The Journal of urology},
  volume={155 3},
PURPOSE We compared 3 commonly used clinical methods to measure testicular volume. MATERIALS AND METHODS The volumes of 151 testes in 76 adults treated for cryptorchidism during childhood were measured with an ordinary ruler, an orchidometer and ultrasonography. RESULTS Mean testicular volume was 15 +/- 8 ml. (standard elevation) measured with a ruler, 16 +/- 7 ml. with an orchidometer and 17 +/- 8 ml. with ultrasonography. The correlation among methods was significant. CONCLUSIONS To… CONTINUE READING

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