Measurement of single- and double-spin asymmetries in deep inelastic pion electroproduction with a longitudinally polarized target.

  title={Measurement of single- and double-spin asymmetries in deep inelastic pion electroproduction with a longitudinally polarized target.},
  author={Harut Avakian and Peter Bosted and Volker D. Burkert and Latifa Elouadrhiri and Krishna Prasad Adhikari and M. Aghasyan and Moskov Amaryan and Marco Anghinolfi and Hovhannes Baghdasaryan and J. Ball and M. Battaglieri and I. Bedlinskiy and Angela Biselli and Derek Branford and W. J. Briscoe and W. K. Brooks and Daniel Scott Carman and L. Casey and Philip Lawrence Cole and Paula Collins and D. Crabb and Volker Crede and A. D’angelo and A. Daniel and Natalia Dashyan and R. De Vita and E. De Sanctis and Alexandre Deur and Bamdeb Dey and S. Dhamija and Rr Dickson and C. Djalali and G Dodge and D. Doughty and R. Dupr{\'e} and A. El Alaoui and Paul Eugenio and S. Fegan and R Fersch and Tony Andrew Forest and A. Fradi and M. Y. Gabrielyan and Gagik Gavalian and N. Gevorgyan and Gerard P. Gilfoyle and Kevin L. Giovanetti and F-X. Girod and W Gohn and Ralf W. Gothe and Keith A. Griffioen and Michel Guidal and Nevzat Guler and L Guo and Kawtar Hafidi and Hrachya Hakobyan and Charles Hanretty and N. Hassall and Duncan Heddle and K. Hicks and M. Holtrop and Yordanka Ilieva and D. G. Ireland and Evgeny Isupov and S. S. Jawalkar and H. S. Jo and K Joo and Danielle Keller and Mitu Khandaker and P. Khetarpal and W. Kim and Amir Klein and Franz J. Klein and Piotr Konczykowski and Valery Kubarovsky and Sebastian E. Kuhn and Sergey V. Kuleshov and Viacheslav Kuznetsov and K. Livingston and Hai Yan Lu and N. Markov and Michael Mayer and D. Mart'inez and J. McAndrew and Michael E. McCracken and Bryan McKinnon and Christopher Meyer and T. Mineeva and Marco Mirazita and Viktor Mokeev and B Moreno and K. Moriya and B Morrison and Herv{\'e} Moutarde and Edwin Munevar and P. Nadel-Turonski and Rakhsha Nasseripour and Sergio Niccolai and Gabriel Niculescu and I. Niculescu and Megh Raj Niroula and M. Osipenko and A. I. Ostrovidov and R. Paremuzyan and Keunhwan Park and S Park and Eugene Pasyuk and S{\'e}rgio An{\'e}falos Pereira and Yann Perrin and Silvia Pisano and O. Pogorelko and John William Howard Price and S{\'e}bastien Procureur and Yelena Prok and D. Protopopescu and Brian A. Raue and Giovanni Ricco and Marco Ripani and Gunther Rosner and P. Rossi and Franck Sabati{\'e} and Manjinder S. Saini and J. Salamanca and Carlos A. Salgado and R. A. Schumacher and Erin Seder and Heghine Seraydaryan and Yu. Sharabian and Daniel Sober and Daria Sokhan and Stepan Stepanyan and Paul Stoler and Steffen Strauch and Rukkayat Suleiman and Martina Taiuti and David John Tedeschi and S. P. Tkachenko and Maurizio Ungaro and B. Vernarsky and M. F. Vineyard and Eric Voutier and D. P. Watts and Lawrence B. Weinstein and Dennis P. Weygand and Michael H. Wood and J Zhang and Binyu Zhao and Z. W. Zhao},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={105 26},
We report the first measurement of the transverse momentum dependence of double-spin asymmetries in semi-inclusive production of pions in deep-inelastic scattering off the longitudinally polarized proton. Data have been obtained using a polarized electron beam of 5.7 GeV with the CLAS detector at the Jefferson Lab (JLab). Modulations of single spin asymmetries over the azimuthal angle between lepton scattering and hadron production planes ϕ have been measured over a wide kinematic range in… CONTINUE READING

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