Measurement of second order susceptibilities of GaN and AlGaN

  title={Measurement of second order susceptibilities of GaN and AlGaN},
  author={Norman A. Sanford and Albert V. Davydov and Denis V. Tsvetkov and A V Dmitriev and Sarah L. Keller and Umesh K. Mishra and Steven P. Denbaars and S. S. Park and J. Han and R. Molnar},
  journal={Journal of Applied Physics},
Rotational Maker fringes, scaled with respect to χ11(2) of crystalline quartz, were used to determine the second order susceptibilities χ31(2) and χ33(2) for samples of thin AlxGa1−xN films, a thicker GaN film, and a free-standing GaN platelets. The pump wavelength was 1064nm. The AlxGa1−xN samples, ranging in thickness from roughly 0.5to4.4μm, were grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) and hydride vapor-phase epitaxy (HVPE) on (0001) sapphire substrates. The Al mole fractions… 

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