Measurement of quantum states of neutrons in the earth's gravitational field

  title={Measurement of quantum states of neutrons in the earth's gravitational field},
  author={V V Nesvizhevsky and Hans G B{\"o}rner and Alexei Gagarsky and Alexander Petoukhov and Guennady A. Petrov and Hartmut Abele and Svenja Baessler and Gabriela Wilzbach Divkovic and Frank J. Ruess and Th. Stoeferle and Andrew J. Westphal and Alexander V. Strelkov and Konstantin V. Protasov and A. Yu. Voronin Institute Laue-Langevin and Grenoble and France and Peterburg Nuclear Physics Institute and Gatchina and Russia and University of Heidelberg and Germany and J. Pochodzalla Institute for Nuclear Research and Dubna and Institut Sciences Nucleare and Fian and Moscow},
The lowest stationary quantum state of neutrons in the Earth's gravitational field is identified in the measurement of neutron transmission between a horizontal mirror on the bottom and an absorber/scatterer on top. Such an assembly is not transparent for neutrons if the absorber height is smaller than the ``height'' of the lowest quantum state. 

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