Measurement of propagation constant in waveguides with wideband coherent terahertz spectroscopy

  title={Measurement of propagation constant in waveguides with wideband coherent terahertz spectroscopy},
  author={Sillas Hadjiloucas and Roberto Kawakami Harrop Galv{\~a}o and John W. Bowen and Rainer Martini and Martin Brucherseifer and Henricus Petrus Maria Pellemans and Peter H. Bolivar and Heinrich Dr. Kurz and James Wingfield Digby and Gregory M. Parkhurst and J. Martyn Chamberlain},
A quasi-optical technique for characterizing micromachined waveguides is demonstrated with wideband time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy. A transfer-function representation is adopted for the description of the relation between the signals in the input and output port of the waveguides. The time-domain responses were discretized, and the waveguide transfer function was obtained through a parametric approach in the z domain after describing the system with an autoregressive with exogenous input… CONTINUE READING


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