[Measurement of physical parameters in HF surgical techniques in dentistry].


A method for measuring electrical parameters in dental electrosurgery and new data on this surgical technique are presented. A computer-controlled system which measures voltage, current, phase, power and impedance with high temporal resolution was applied to dentistry. Statistical analysis of many operations on freshly butchered pig jaws was performed. The impedance of oral soft tissues is higher during cutting, the power required smaller than stated in the literature. The influence of frequency, power-output control, anatomical structures, and metallic restorations on dental electrosurgery is discussed in detail.

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@article{Visser1991MeasurementOP, title={[Measurement of physical parameters in HF surgical techniques in dentistry].}, author={Heiko Visser and Karl Fastenmeier and Rainer F. Mausberg and Gerald Lohr}, journal={ZWR}, year={1991}, volume={100 4}, pages={219-23} }