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Measurement of material isotopics and atom number ratio with alpha-particle spectroscopy for the NIFFTE fission Time Projection Chamber actinide target

  title={Measurement of material isotopics and atom number ratio with alpha-particle spectroscopy for the NIFFTE fission Time Projection Chamber actinide target},
  author={M. Monterial and K. Schmitt and C. Prokop and E. Leal-Cidoncha and M. Anastasiou and N. Bowden and J. Bundgaard and R. Casperson and D. Cebra and T. Classen and D. H. Dongwi and N. Fotiades and J. Gearhart and V. Geppert-Kleinrath and U. Greife and C. Hagmann and M. Heffner and D. Hensle and D. Higgins and L. Isenhower and K. Kazkaz and A. Kemnitz and J. King and J. Klay and J. Latta and W. Loveland and J. Magee and B. Manning and M. Mendenhall and S. Mosby and D. Neudecker and S. Sangiorgio and B. Seilhan and L. Snyder and F. Tovesson and R. Towell and N. Walsh and T. S. Watson and L. Yao and W. Younes},
We present the results of a measurement of isotopic concentrations and atomic number ratio of a double-sided actinide target using α-spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. The double-sided actinide target, with predominantly 239Pu on one side and 235U on the other, was used in the fission Time Projection Chamber (fissionTPC) for a measurement of the neutron-induced fission cross-section ratio between the two isotopes. The measured atomic number ratio is needed to extract an absolute measurement… Expand
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