Measurement of magnetic fields inside single- and double-Layer reinforced concrete buildings during Simulated lightning currents

  title={Measurement of magnetic fields inside single- and double-Layer reinforced concrete buildings during Simulated lightning currents},
  author={I. A. Metwally and W. Zischank and F. H. Heidler},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility},
This paper presents measurements of the voltages, the magnetic fields and the magnetic-field derivatives inside a structure simulating reinforced concrete buildings. The test structure comprises a cubic cage of 2-m side length with single- or double-layer reinforced grids. The injected lightning currents simulate the positive, the negative first and the negative subsequent return strokes with amplitudes of /spl sim/ 77, 16, and 4.8 kA, respectively. Three distinct points of the lightning stroke… CONTINUE READING
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