Measurement of inclusive jet charged-particle fragmentation functions in Pb + Pb collisions at sNN = 2 . 76 TeV with the ATLAS detector

  title={Measurement of inclusive jet charged-particle fragmentation functions in Pb + Pb collisions at sNN = 2 . 76 TeV with the ATLAS detector},
  author={Christian Schwanenberger and Armin Schwartzman and Ph. Schwegler and Ph. Schwemling and Reinhard Schwienhorst and J. Schwindling and Tiani Schwindt and Magnus Schw{\"o}rer and Federco Sciacca and Enzo Scifo and G. Sciolla and William G. Scott and Fabrizio Scuri and F. Scutti and Justin D Searcy and G. Sedov and E. M. Sedykh and Stephanie Seidel and Abraham Seiden and Frank Seifert and J. M. Seixas and G. G. Sekhniaidze and Stephen J. Sekula and K. E. Selbach and Dima Seliverstov and Graham Sellers and N. Semprini-Cesari and C. Serfon and Laurent Serin and L. Serkin and Thierry Serre and Rolf Seuster and Horst Severini and T. Sfiligoj and Federico Sforza and A. Sfyrla and E. V. Shabalina and Mohammad Tabrez Anwar Shamim and Lim Yuh Shan and Rui Shang and Jonathan Shank and Moshe Shapiro and Pavel Shatalov and Karen Shaw and C. Y. Shehu and Paul Sherwood and Lixin Shi and Suguru Shimizu and Carolyn Shimmin and M. Shimojima and M. Shiyakova and Alexandra A. 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Aad, G.; et al., [Unknown]; Aben, R.; Angelozzi, I.; Beemster, L.J.; Bentvelsen, S.C.M.; Berge, D.; Bobbink, G.J.; Bos, K.; Boterenbrood, H.; Butti, P.; Castelli, A.; Colijn, A.P.; de Jong, P.J.; de Nooij, L.; Deigaard, I.; Deluca, C.; Deviveiros, P.O.; Dhaliwal, S.; Ferrari, P.; Gadatsch, S.; Geerts, D.A.A.; Hartjes, F.G.; Hessey, N.P.; Hod, N.; Igonkina, O.; Kluit, P.M.; Koffeman, E.N.; Lee, H.C.; Lenz, T.; Linde, F.L.; Mahlstedt, J.; Mechnich, J.; Oussoren, K.; Pani, P.; Salek, D.; Valencic… CONTINUE READING
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