Measurement of exclusive γγ → +− production in proton–proton collisions at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector

  title={Measurement of exclusive $\gamma$$\gamma$ → +− production in proton–proton collisions at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector},
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Korcyl and K. Kordas and A. Korn and A. Korol and I. Korolkov and E. Korolkova and O. Kortner and S. Kortner and T. Kosek and V. Kostyukhin and V. Kotov and A. Kotwal and A. Kourkoumeli-Charalampidi and C. Kourkoumelis and V. Kouskoura and A. Koutsman and R. Kowalewski and T. Kowalski and W. Kozanecki and A. Kozhin and V. Kramarenko and G. Kramberger and D. Krasnopevtsev and M. Krasny and A. Krasznahorkay and J. Kraus and A. Kravchenko and S. Kreiss and M. Kretz and J. Kretzschmar and K. Kreutzfeldt and P. Krieger and K. Krizka and K. Kroeninger and H. Kroha and J. Kroll and J. Kroseberg and J. Krsti{\'c} and U. Kruchonak and H. Kr{\"u}ger and N. Krumnack and A. Kruse and M. Kruse and M. Kruskal and T. Kubota and H. Kucuk and S. Kuday and S. Kuehn and A. Kugel and F. Kuger and A. Kuhl and T. Kuhl and V. Kukhtin and Y. Kulchitsky and S. Kuleshov and M. Kuna and T. Kunigo and A. Kupco and H. Kurashige and Y. Kurochkin and V. Kus and E. Kuwertz and M. Kuze and J. Kvita and T. Kwan and D. Kyriazopoulos and A. Rosa and J. L. L. R. Navarro and L. Rotonda and C. Lacasta and F. Lacava and J. Lacey and H. Lacker and D. Lacour and V. Lacuesta and E. Ladygin and R. Lafaye and B. Laforge and T. Lagouri and S. Lai and L. Lambourne and S. Lammers and C. Lampen and W. Lampl and E. Lançon and U. Landgraf and M. Landon and V. Lang and J. Lange and A. Lankford and F. Lanni and K. Lantzsch and A. Lanza and S. Laplace and C. Lapoire and J. Laporte and T. Lari and F. Manghi and M. Lassnig and P. Laurelli and W. Lavrijsen and A. Law and P. Laycock and T. Lazovich and O. Dortz and E. Guirriec and E. L. M{\'e}n{\'e}deu and M. LeBlanc and T. LeCompte and F. Ledroit-Guillon and C. Lee and S. Lee and Lawrence Lee and G. Lefebvre and M. Lefebvre and F. Legger and C. Leggett and A. Lehan and G. L. Miotto and X. Lei and W. Leight and A. Leisos and A. Leister and M. Leite and R. Leitner and D. Lellouch and B. Lemmer and K. Leney and T. Lenz and B. Lenzi and R. Leone and S. Leone and C. Leonidopoulos and S. Leontsinis and C. Leroy and C. Lester and M. Levchenko and J. Lev{\^e}que and D. Levin and L. Levinson and M. Levy and A. Lewis and A. Leyko and M. Leyton and B. Li and H. Li and L. Li and S. Li and Y. Li and Z. Liang and H. Liao and B. Liberti and A. Liblong and P. Lichard and K. Lie and J. Liebal and W. Liebig and C. Limbach and A. Limosani and S. C. Lin and T. H. Lin and F. Linde and B. Lindquist and J. Linnemann and E. Lipeles and A. Lipniacka and M. Lisovyi and T. Liss and D. Lissauer and A. Lister and A. Litke and B. Liu and Dean Liu and Honghai Liu and J. Liu and Kun Liu and Lulu Liu and Miaoyuan Liu and Y. Liu and M. Livan and A. Lleres and J. L. Merino and S. Lloyd and F. L. Sterzo and E. Lobodzinska and P. Loch and W. Lockman and F. Loebinger and A. E. Loevschall-Jensen and A. Loginov and T. Lohse and K. Lohwasser and M. Lokaj{\'i}cek and B. Long and J. Long and R. E. Long and K. Looper and L. Lopes and D. Mateos and B. L. Paredes and I. L. Paz and J. Lorenz and N. Martinez and M. Losada and P. Loscutoff and P. L{\"o}sel and X. Lou and A. Lounis and J. Love and P. Love and N. Lu and H. Lubatti and C. Luci and A. Lucotte and F. Luehring and W. Lukas and L. Luminari and O. Lundberg and B. Lund-Jensen and D. Lynn and R. Lysak and E. Lytken and H. Ma and Lianliang Ma and G. Maccarrone and A. Macchiolo and C. M. Macdonald and J. Miguens and D. Macina and D. Madaffari and R. Madar and H. Maddocks and W. Mader and A. Madsen and S. Maeland and T. Maeno and A. Maevskiy and E. Magradze and K. Mahboubi and J. Mahlstedt and C. Maiani and C. Maidantchik and A. Maier and T. Maier and A. Maio and S. Majewski and Y. Makida and N. Makovec and B. Malaescu and P. Malecki and V. Maleev and F. Malek and U. Mallik and D. Malon and C. Malone and S. Maltezos and V. Malyshev and S. Malyukov and J. Mamuzic and G. Mancini and B. Mandelli and L. Mandelli and I. Mandic and R. Mandrysch and J. Maneira and A. Manfredini and L. M. D. A. Filho and J. M. Ramos and A. Mann and P. Manning and A. Manousakis-katsikakis and B. Mansoulie and R. Mantifel and M. Mantoani and L. Mapelli and L. March and G. Marchiori and M. Marcisovsky and C. Marino and M. Marjanovi{\'c} and D. Marley and F. Marroquim and S. Marsden and Z. Marshall and L. Marti and S. Marti-Garcia and B. Martin and T. Martin and V. Martin and B. Latour and Mario Mart{\'i}nez and S. Martin-Haugh and V. S. Martoiu and A. Martyniuk and M. Marx and F. Marzano and A. Marzin and L. Masetti and T. Mashimo and R. Mashinistov and J. Masik and A. Maslennikov and I. Massa and L. Massa and N. Massol and P. Mastrandrea and A. Mastroberardino and T. Masubuchi and P. M{\"a}ttig and J. Mattmann and J. Maurer and S. Maxfield and D. Maximov and R. Mazini and S. Mazza and L. Mazzaferro and G. M. Goldrick and S. P. Kee and A. Mccarn and R. Mccarthy and T. McCarthy and N. Mccubbin and K. McFarlane and J. Mcfayden and G. Mchedlidze and S. McMahon and R. McPherson and M. Medinnis and S. Meehan and S. Mehlhase and A. Mehta and K. Meier and C. Meineck and B. Meirose and B. Garcia and F. Meloni and A. Mengarelli and S. Menke and E. Meoni and K. Mercurio and S. Mergelmeyer and P. Mermod and L. Merola and C. Meroni and F. Merritt and A. Messina and J. Metcalfe and A. S. Mete and C. Meyer and J. Meyer and Jean-Pierre Meyer and R. Middleton and S. Miglioranzi and L. Mijovi{\'c} and G. Mikenberg and M. Mikestikova and M. Mikuz and M. Milesi and A. Milic and Danny E Miller and C. Mills and A. Milov and D. Milstead and A. Minaenko and Y. Minami and I. Minashvili and A. Mincer and B. Mindur and M. Mineev and Y. Ming and L. Mir and T. Mitani and J. Mitrevski and V. Mitsou and A. Miucci and P. Miyagawa and J. Mj{\"o}rnmark and T. Moa and K. Mochizuki and S. Mohapatra and W. Mohr and S. Molander and R. Moles-Valls and K. M{\"o}nig and C. Monini and J. Monk and E. Monnier and J. M. Berlingen and F. Monticelli and S. Monzani and Roger K. Moore and N. Morange and D. Moreno and M. M. Ll{\'a}cer and P. Morettini and M. Morgenstern and D. Mori and M. Morii and M. Morinaga and V. Morisbak and S. Moritz and A. Morley and G. Mornacchi and J. Morris and S. S. Mortensen and A. Morton and L. Morvaj and M. Mosidze and J. Moss and K. Motohashi and R. Mount and E. Mountricha and S. Mouraviev and E. Moyse and S. Muanza and R. Mudd and F. Mueller and J. Mueller and R. Mueller and T. Mueller and D. Muenstermann and P. Mullen and G. Mullier and J. A. M. Quijada and W. Murray and H. Musheghyan and E. Musto and A. Myagkov and M. Myska and O. Nackenhorst and J. Nadal and K. Nagai and R. Nagai and Y. Nagai and K. Nagano and A. Nagarkar and Y. Nagasaka and K. Nagata and M. Nagel and E. Nagy and A. Nairz and Y. Nakahama and K. Nakamura and T. Nakamura and I. Nakano and H. Namasivayam and R. F. N. Garcia and R. Narayan and T. Naumann and G. Navarro and R. Nayyar and H. Neal and P. Nechaeva and T. Neep and P. Nef and A. Negri and M. Negrini and S. Nektarijevi{\'c} and C. Nellist and A. Nelson and S. Nemecek and P. N{\'e}methy and A. Nepomuceno and M. Nessi and M. Neubauer and M. Neumann and R. Neves and P. Nevski and P. Newman and D. Nguyen and R. Nickerson and R. Nicolaidou and B. Nicquevert and J. Nielsen and N. Nikiforou and A. Nikiforov and V. Nikolaenko and I. Nikolic-Audit and K. Nikolopoulos and J. K. Nilsen and P. Nilsson and Y. Ninomiya and A. Nisati and R. Nisius and T. Nobe and M. Nomachi and I. Nomidis and T. Nooney and S. Norberg and M. Nordberg and O. Novgorodova and S. Nowak and M. Nozaki and L. No{\vz}ka and K. Ntekas and G. Hanninger and T. Nunnemann and E. Nurse and F. Nuti and B. J. O'Brien and F. O'grady and D. O’Neil and V. O’Shea and F. G. Oakham and H. Oberlack and T. Obermann and J. Ocariz and A. Ochi and I. Ochoa and J. P. Ochoa-Ricoux and S. Oda and S. Odaka and H. Ogren and A. Oh and Seog Oh and C. Ohm and H. Ohman and H. Oide and W. Okamura and H. Okawa and Y. Okumura and T. Okuyama and A. Olariu and S. A. O. Pino and D. Damazio and E. Garcia and A. Olszewski and J. Olszowska and A. Onofre and P. Onyisi and C. Oram and M. Oreglia and Y. Oren and D. Orestano and N. Orlando and C. O. Barrera and R. Orr and B. Osculati and R. Ospanov and G. Garzon and H. Otono and M. Ouchrif and E. Ouellette and F. Ould-Saada and A. Ouraou and K. Oussoren and Q. Ouyang and A. Ovcharova and M. Owen and R. E. Owen and V. Ozcan and N. Ozturk and K. Pachal and A. Pages and C. P. Aranda and M. Pag{\'a}{\vc}ov{\'a} and S. P. Griso and E. Paganis and F. Paige and P. Pais and K. Pajchel and G. Palacino and S. Palestini and M. Palka and D. Pallin and A. Palma and Y. Pan and E. Panagiotopoulou and C. Pandini and J. G. P. Vazquez and P. Pani and S. Panitkin and D. Pantea and L. Paolozzi and T. Papadopoulou and K. Papageorgiou and A. Paramonov and D. P. Hernandez and M. A. Parker and K. Parker and F. Parodi and J. Parsons and U. Parzefall and E. Pasqualucci and S. Passaggio and F. Pastore and G. P{\'a}sztor and S. Pataraia and N. Patel and J. Pater and T. Pauly and J. Pearce and B. Pearson and L. E. Pedersen and M. Pedersen and S. P. Lopez and R. Pedro and S. Peleganchuk and D. Pelikan and O. Penc and C. Peng and H. Peng and B. Penning and J. Penwell and D. Perepelitsa and E. P. Codina and M. T. P. Garc{\'i}a-Esta{\~n} and L. Perini and H. Pernegger and S. Perrella and R. Peschke and V. Peshekhonov and K. Peters and R. Peters and B. Petersen and T. Petersen and E. Petit and A. Petridis and C. Petridou and P. P{\'e}troff and E. Petrolo and F. Petrucci and N. Pettersson and R. Pezoa and P. Phillips and G. Piacquadio and E. Pianori and A. Picazio and E. Piccaro and M. Piccinini and M. Pickering and R. Piegaia and D. Pignotti and J. Pilcher and A. Pilkington and J. Pina and M. Pinamonti and J. Pinfold and A. Pingel and B. Pinto and S. Pires and H. Pirumov and M. Pitt and C. Pizio and L. Plazak and M. Pleier and V. Pleskot and E. Plotnikova and P. Pluciński and D. Pluth and R. Poettgen and L. Poggioli and D. Pohl and G. Polesello and A. Poley and A. Policicchio and R. Polifka and A. Polini and C. Pollard and V. Polychronakos and K. Pomm{\`e}s and L. Pontecorvo and B. Pope and G. Popeneciu and D. Popovic and A. Poppleton and S. Posp{\'i}sil and K. Potamianos and I. Potrap and C. Potter and G. Poulard and J. Poveda and V. Pozdnyakov and P. Pralavorio and A. Pranko and S. Prasad and S. Prell and D. Price and L. Price and M. Primavera and S. Prince and M. Proissl and K. Prokofiev and F. Prokoshin and E. Protopapadaki and S. Protopopescu and J. Proudfoot and M. Przybycien and E. Ptacek and D. Puddu and E. Pueschel and D. Puldon and M. Purohit and P. Puzo and J. Qian and G. Qin and Yang Qin and A. Quadt and D. Quarrie and W. Quayle and M. Queitsch-Maitland and D. Quilty and S. Raddum and V. Radeka and V. Radescu and S. Radhakrishnan and P. Radloff and P. Rados and F. Ragusa and G. Rahal and S. Rajagopalan and M. Rammensee and C. Rangel-Smith and F. Rauscher and S. Rave and T. Ravenscroft and M. Raymond and A. Read and N. P. Readioff and D. Rebuzzi and A. Redelbach and G. Redlinger and R. Reece and K. Reeves and L. Rehnisch and H. Reisin and M. Relich and C. Rembser and H. Ren and A. Renaud and M. Rescigno and S. Resconi and O. Rezanova and P. Reznicek and R. Rezvani and R. Richter and S. Richter and E. Richter-Was and O. Ricken and M. Ridel and P. Rieck and C. Riegel and J. Rieger and M. Rijssenbeek and A. Rimoldi and L. Rinaldi and B. Risti{\'c} and E. Ritsch and I. Riu and F. Rizatdinova and E. Rizvi and S. Robertson and A. Robichaud-V{\'e}ronneau and D. Robinson and J. Robinson and A. Robson and C. Roda and S. Roe and O. R{\o}hne and S. Rolli and A. Romaniouk and M. Romano and S. M. R. Saez and E. R. Adam and N. Rompotis and M. Ronzani and L. Roos and E. Ros and S. Rosati and K. Rosbach and P. Rose and P. Rosendahl and O. Rosenthal and V. Rossetti and E. Rossi and L. Rossi and R. Rosten and M. Rotaru and I. Roth and J. Rothberg and D. Rousseau and C. Royon and A. Rozanov and Y. Rozen and X. Ruan and F. Rubbo and I. Rubinskiy and V. Rud and C. Rudolph and M. Rudolph and F. R{\"u}hr and A. Ruiz-Martinez and Z. Rurikova and N. Rusakovich and A. Ruschke and H. Russell and J. Rutherfoord and N. Ruthmann and Y. Ryabov and M. Rybar and G. Rybkin and N. Ryder and A. Saavedra and G. Sabato and S. Sacerdoti and A. Saddique and H. Sadrozinski and R. Sadykov and F. Tehrani and M. Saimpert and Takashi Saito and H. Sakamoto and Y. Sakurai and G. Salamanna and A. Salamon and Mohammad Saleem and D. {\vS}{\'a}lek and P. H. S. Bruin and D. Salihagic and A. Salnikov and J. Salt and D. Salvatore and F. Salvatore and A. Salvucci and A. Salzburger and D. Sammel and D. Sampsonidis and A. Sanchez and Javier S{\'a}nchez and V. S. Mart{\'i}nez and H. Sandaker and R. L. Sandbach and H. Sander and M. Sanders and M. Sandhoff and C. Sandoval and R. Sandstroem and D. Sankey and M. Sannino and A. Sansoni and C. Santoni and R. Santonico and H. Santos and I. S. Castillo and K. Sapp and A. Sapronov and J. Saraiva and B. Sarrazin and O. Sasaki and Y. Sasaki and K. Sato and G. Sauvage and E. Sauvan and G. Savage and P. Savard and C. Sawyer and L. Sawyer and J. Saxon and C. Sbarra and A. Sbrizzi and T. Scanlon and D. Scannicchio and M. Scarcella and V. Scarfone and J. Schaarschmidt and P. Schacht and D. Schaefer and R. Schaefer and J. Schaeffer and S. Schaepe and S. Schaetzel and U. Sch{\"a}fer and A. Schaffer and D. Schaile and R. Schamberger and V. Scharf and V. Schegelsky and D. Scheirich and M. Schernau and C. Schiavi and C. Schillo and M. Schioppa and S. Schlenker and E. Schmidt and K. Schmieden and C. Schmitt and S. Schmitt and B. Schneider and Y. Schnellbach and U. Schnoor and L. Schoeffel and A. Schoening and B. Schoenrock and E. Schopf and A. Schorlemmer and M. Schott and D. Schouten and J. Schovancova and S. Schramm and M. Schreyer and C. Schroeder and N. Schuh and M. Schultens and H. Schultz-Coulon and H. Schulz and M. Schumacher and B. Schumm and P. Schune and C. Schwanenberger and A. Schwartzman and T. Schwarz and P. Schwegler and H. Schweiger and P. Schwemling and R. Schwienhorst and J. Schwindling and T. Schwindt and F. Sciacca and E. Scifo and G. Sciolla and F. Scuri and F. Scutti and J. Searcy and G. Sedov and E. Sedykh and P. Seema and S. Seidel and A. Seiden and F. Seifert and J. Seixas and G. Sekhniaidze and K. Sekhon and S. Sekula and D. Seliverstov and N. Semprini-Cesari and C. Serfon and L. Serin and L. Serkin and T. Serre and M. Sessa and R. Seuster and H. Severini and T. Sfiligoj and F. Sforza and A. Sfyrla and E. Shabalina and M. Shamim and L. Shan and R. Shang and J. Shank and M. Shapiro and P. Shatalov and K. Shaw and S. Shaw and A. Shcherbakova and C. Y. Shehu and P. Sherwood and L. Shi and S. Shimizu and C. Shimmin and M. Shimojima and M. Shiyakova and A. Shmeleva and D. S. Saadi and M. Shochet and S. Shojaii and S. Shrestha and E. Shulga and M. Shupe and S. Shushkevich and P. Sicho and P. E. Sidebo and O. Sidiropoulou and D. Sidorov and A. Sidoti and F. Siegert and D. Sijacki and J. Silva and Y. Silver and S. Silverstein and V. {\vS}im{\'a}k and O. Simard and L. Simi{\'c} and S. Simion and E. Simioni and B. Simmons and D. Simon and R. Simoniello and Nicolas Produit and N. Sinev and M. Sioli and G. Siragusa and A. Sisakyan and S. Sivoklokov and J. Sj{\"o}lin and T. Sjursen and M. Skinner and H. Skottowe and P. Skubic and M. Slater and T. Slav{\'i}cek and M. Slawi{\~n}ska and K. Sliwa and V. Smakhtin and B. Smart and L. Smestad and S. Smirnov and Y. Smirnov and L. Smirnova and O. Smirnova and M. Smith and R. Smith and M. Smizanska and K. Smolek and A. Snesarev and G. Snidero and S. Snyder and R. Sobie and F. Socher and A. Soffer and Da Soh and C. Solans and M. Solar and J. Solc and E. Soldatov and U. Soldevila and A. Solodkov and A. Soloshenko and O. Solovyanov and V. Solovyev and P. Sommer and H. Song and N. Soni and A. Sood and A. Sopczak and B. Sopko and V. Sopko and V. Sorin and D. Sosa and M. Sosebee and C. Sotiropoulou and R. Soualah and A. Soukharev and D. South and B. Sowden and S. Spagnolo and M. Spalla and F. Span{\`o} and W. Spearman and D. Sperlich and F. Spettel and R. Spighi and G. Spigo and L. Spiller and M. Spousta and T. Spreitzer and R. Denis and S. Staerz and J. Stahlman and R. Stamen and S. Stamm and E. Stanecka and C. Stanescu and M. Stănescu-Bellu and M. Stanitzki and S. Stapnes and E. Starchenko and J. Stark and P. Staroba and P. Starovoitov and R. Staszewski and P. {\vS}ťavina and P. Steinberg and B. Stelzer and H. Stelzer and O. Stelzer-Chilton and H. Stenzel and G. Stewart and J. A. Stillings and M. Stockton and M. Stoebe and G. Stoicea and P. Stolte and S. Stonjek and A. Stradling and A. Straessner and M. Stramaglia and J. Strandberg and S. Strandberg and A. Strandlie and E. Strauss and M. Strauss and P. Strizenec and R. Str{\"o}hmer and D. Strom and R. Stroynowski and A. Strubig and S. Stucci and B. Stugu and N. Styles and D. Su and J. Su and R. Subramaniam and A. Succurro and Y. Sugaya and C. Suhr and M. Suk and V. Sulin and S. Sultansoy and T. Sumida and Siyuan Sun and X. Sun and J. Sundermann and K. Suruliz and G. Susinno and M. Sutton and S. Suzuki and M. Svatos and S. Swedish and M. Swiatlowski and I. Sykora and T. Sykora and D. Ta and C. Taccini and K. Tackmann and J. Taenzer and A. Taffard and R. Tafirout and N. Taiblum and H. Takai and R. Takashima and H. Takeda and T. Takeshita and Y. Takubo and M. Talby and A. Talyshev and J. Tam and K. G. Tan and J. Tanaka and R. Tanaka and Satoshi Tanaka and B. Tannenwald and N. Tannoury and S. Tapprogge and S. Tarem and F. Tarrade and G. Tartarelli and P. Tas and M. Tasevsky and T. Tashiro and E. Tassi and A. Delgado and Y. Tayalati and F. Taylor and G. Taylor and W. Taylor and F. Teischinger and M. Castanheira and P. Teixeira-Dias and K. Temming and H. Kate and P. Teng and J. J. Teoh and F. Tepel and S. Terada and K. Terashi and J. Terron and S. Terzo and M. 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  journal={Physics Letters B},
This Letter reports a measurement of the exclusive γγ → +− ( = e, μ) cross-section in proton–proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV by the ATLAS experiment at the LHC, based on an integrated luminosity of 4.6 fb−1. For the electron or muon pairs satisfying exclusive selection criteria, a fit to the dilepton acoplanarity distribution is used to extract the fiducial cross-sections. The cross-section in the electron channel is determined to be σexcl. γγ→e+e− = 0.428 ± 0.035 (stat… Expand

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