Measurement of excitation functions of helion-induced reactions on enriched Ru targets for production of medically important 103Pd and 101mRh and some other radionuclides.


Excitation functions were determined by the stacked-foil and induced radioactivity measurement technique for the reactions (100)Ru(alpha,n)(103)Pd, (101)Ru(alpha,2n)(103)Pd, (101)Ru((3)He,n)(103)Pd, and (102)Ru((3)He,2n)(103)Pd, producing the therapeutic radionuclide (103)Pd, and for the reactions (101)Ru((3)He,x)(101 m)Rh(Cum) and (102)Ru((3)He,x)(101 m)Rh… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.apradiso.2007.11.013


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