Measurement of cardiac output--transtracheal Doppler versus thermodilution.

  title={Measurement of cardiac output--transtracheal Doppler versus thermodilution.},
  author={N Froese and Ron Friesen},
  journal={Canadian journal of anaesthesia = Journal canadien d'anesthesie},
  volume={38 7},
The ABCOM 1 transtracheal Doppler (TTD) has been developed as a non-invasive cardiac output monitor. With this device, cardiac output is continuously calculated from ascending aortic blood flow velocity and aortic diameter obtained via an ultrasound transducer incorporated into the tip of an endotracheal tube. We evaluated the clinical use of the ABCOM 1 monitor and compared cardiac outputs obtained using the TTD system with simultaneous thermodilution (TD) measurements. We found the operation… CONTINUE READING
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