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Measurement of carbon finance level and exploration of its influencing factors

  title={Measurement of carbon finance level and exploration of its influencing factors},
  author={Peng Zhang and Yuwei Zhang and Nuo Xu},
: Faced with increasingly severe environmental problems, carbon trading markets and related financial activities aiming at limiting carbon dioxide emissions are booming. Considering the complexity and urgency of carbon market, it is necessary to construct an effective evaluation index system. This paper selected carbon finance index as a composite indicator. Taking Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong as examples, we adopted the classic method of multiple criteria decision analysis (MCDA) to… 



Comparing MCDA Aggregation Methods in Constructing Composite Indicators Using the Shannon-Spearman Measure

The SSM can be considered as an effective measure for comparing MCDA aggregation methods in constructing composite indicators based on the information loss concept and most of the variation in the SSM arises from the uncertainty in choosing an aggregation method.

In search of a natural systems sustainability index

Multiple criteria decision making

In this Chapter, we imagine a decision maker (or a group of experts) trying to establish or examine fair procedures to combine opinions about alternatives related to different points of view.

Climate Change 2021—The Physical Science Basis

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the United Nations body responsible for assessing the science related to climate change. The Sixth Report from IPCC Working Group 1 published

Multiple attribute decision making : an introduction

Introduction Attribute Generation, Data and Weight Noncompensatory Methods Scoring Methods TOPSIS ELECTRE Methods for Qualitative Data Extensions

Measurement and Dynamic Evolution of China’s Carbon Finance Development Level,

  • Ecological Economics
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Handbook on Constructing Composite Indicators: Methodology and User Guide

This Handbook aims to provide a guide for constructing and using composite indicators for policy makers, academics, the media and other interested parties. While there are several types of composite

Study on the Current Situation of Carbon Emissions Trading and the Accounting Treatment in Beijing-Tianjin- Hebei Region,

  • Accounting Research,
  • 2017