Measurement of Three-Jet Distributions Sensitive to the Gluon Spin in e+e- Annihilations

  title={Measurement of Three-Jet Distributions Sensitive to the Gluon Spin in e+e- Annihilations},
  author={G. Fletcher Alexander and Jon Craig Allison and P. P. Allports and Kristen Julia Anderson and Silvia Arcelli and John C. Armitage and Peter Shaw Ashton and Anthony Astbury and David Axen and Georges Pinhas Azuelos and Graham Bahan and J. T. M. Baines and Austin H. Ball and Jess Banks and Gareth J. Barker and Rebecca Jo Barlow and J. R. Batleys and Gr{\'e}goire Beaudoin and A. BecP and Juliette C. Becker and Torsten Behnke and Kenneth W. Bell and Gino Bella and Siegfried Bethke and 0. and Biebel and Ulrike Binder and Ian J Bloodworth and Prezemek Bock and Harrie C. M. van den Bosch and S. Bougerolle and Bennet Bristol Brabson and Horst Breuker and Russell M. Brown and R. M. Al{\'a}s Brun and Adriaan Buijs and H. J. Burckhart and P. Capiluppi and Robert Kraut Carnegie and Arthur A. Carter and J. R. Carters and Catherine Chang and J. T. M. Chrin and P. E. L. Clarke and Iuliana Cohen and W. J. Collinss and Joseph Edward Conboy and Molly M. 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Wells and Norbert Wermes and Markus Weymann and Michael G. A. Wilson and J. A. Wilson I. Wingerter},
Three-jet variables constructed from multi-hadronic events produced by Z0 decays are compared to theoretical calculations assuming a vector gluon or a hypothetical scalar gluon. The data yield conclusive direct evidence for the former case. The distributions of the reduced energy of the second-most energetic jet and of the cosine of the Ellis-Karliner angle are chosen to demonstrate this effect. (Submitted to Zeitschrift f. Physik C) G.Alexander , J.Allison , P.P.Allports, K.J.Anderson9 , S… CONTINUE READING


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