Measurement of Relativistic Orbital Decay in the PSR B 1534 + 12 Binary System

  title={Measurement of Relativistic Orbital Decay in the PSR B 1534 + 12 Binary System},
  author={Ingrid Stairs and Zaven Arzoumanian and Franz Camilo and Andrew G. Lyne and David J. Nice and Joseph H. Taylor and Stephen E. Thorsett and Alex Wolszczan},
We have made timing observations of binary pulsar PSR B1534+12 with radio telescopes at Arecibo, Green Bank, and Jodrell Bank. By combining our new observations with data collected up to seven years earlier, we obtain a significantly improved solution for the astrometric, spin, and orbital parameters of the system. For the first time in any binary pulsar system, no fewer than five relativistic or “post-Keplerian” orbital parameters are measurable with useful accuracies in a theory-independent… CONTINUE READING


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PhD thesis, Princeton University Bell, J

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