Measurement of Radiation Induced Conductivity for Hardened Cable Dielectric Materials at High Fluence

  title={Measurement of Radiation Induced Conductivity for Hardened Cable Dielectric Materials at High Fluence},
  author={Steven H. Face and Charles A. Eklund and Thomas A. Stringer},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science},
Results of measurements of the radiation-induced conductivity (RIC) of hardened cable dielectric materials are presented. The results were obtained for the dose-rate range of 108 to 1014 rad(LiF)/s. The radiation-induced conductivity coefficients can be fit to a linear function of the dose-rate throughout this range. Although not examined in detail, the temporal response of the conductivity appears to follow the radiation pulse, particularly for pulses of less than 35 ns (FWHM). 


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