Measurement of Productivity and Efficiency

  title={Measurement of Productivity and Efficiency},
  author={Robin C. Sickles and Valentin Zelenyuk},
Methods and perspectives to model and measure productivity and efficiency have made a number of important advances in the last decade. Using the standard and innovative formulations of the theory and practice of efficiency and productivity measurement, Robin C. Sickles and Valentin Zelenyuk provide a comprehensive approach to productivity and efficiency analysis, covering its theoretical underpinnings and its empirical implementation, paying particular attention to the implications of… 
Non-structural Analysis of Productivity Growth for the Industrialized Countries : A Jackknife Model Averaging Approach
Various structural and non-structural models of productivity growth have been proposed in the literature. In either class of models, predictive measurements of productivity and efficiency are
On aggregation of multi-factor productivity indexes
The goal of this paper is to investigate the question of the importance of aggregation of the Paasche and Laspeyres versions of the Malmquist quantity and productivity indexes from both theoretical
Productivity and Efficiency Analysis Software: An Exploratory Bibliographical Survey of the Options
The software available to implement and carry out efficiency analysis is crucial for the diffusion of efficiency frontier techniques among applied researchers and policy makers. The implementation of
The Effects of Management on Production: A Survey of Empirical Studies
We review econometric studies that attempt to estimate the effects of management on production, being on output, productivity, or efficiency. We group the studies mainly by a methodological
2 Why Estimate Production ( Technical ) Efficiency ?
Our chapter details a wide variety of approaches used in estimating productivity and efficiency based on methods developed to estimate frontier production using Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA) and
Aggregation of Efficiency and Productivity: From Firm to Sector and Higher Levels
Here we consider various cases where researchers are interested in measuring aggregate efficiency or productivity levels or their changes for a group of decision making units. These could be entire
Quadratic-mean-of-order-r indexes of output, input and productivity
The use of appropriate index numbers is indispensable for measuring economic phenomena precisely. Various indexes have been proposed in the literature, spanning several centuries. In this paper, we
The methodology has been successfully employed to estimate the economic benefits of standards.
  • Economics
  • 2022
This report is a guidance document aimed at standards organizations around the world that are interested in assessing what impact standards have on the local economy. The methodology presented herein