Measurement of DNA-protein cross-links in human leukocytes following acute ingestion of chromium in drinking water.

  title={Measurement of DNA-protein cross-links in human leukocytes following acute ingestion of chromium in drinking water.},
  author={J. Richard Kuykendall and Brent D. Kerger and Eric J. Jarvi and G. E. Corbett and Dennis J Paustenbach},
  volume={17 9},
Increased DNA-protein cross-linking (DPX) in circulating leukocytes has been proposed as a potential biomarker for exposure and genotoxic damage caused by inhalation of certain reactive chemicals, such as hexavalent chromium [Cr(VI)]. This study was designed to determine whether ingestion of a single dose of potassium dichromate alone [Cr(VI)] or potassium dichromate fully reduced to Cr(III) with orange juice (prior to ingestion) causes an increase in DPX of circulating leukocytes in humans… CONTINUE READING

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