Measurement of Cortisol Metabolites in Faeces of Ruminants

  title={Measurement of Cortisol Metabolites in Faeces of Ruminants},
  author={Erich Moestl and James L. Maggs and G. Schr{\"o}tter and Urban Besenfelder and Rupert Palme},
  journal={Veterinary Research Communications},
Twenty-one metabolites were detected in faecal samples collected after infusion of (14C)cortisol into the jugular vein of sheep, using high-performance liquid chromatography/radiometric analysis plus mass spectrometry. One group of metabolites had molecular weights of between 302 and 308, and another group of 350, which indicates that the substances have a C19O3 or a C21O4 structure. Therefore, an enzyme immunoassay against 5β-androstane-3α-o1-11,17-dione-17-CMO:BSA was established. Faecal… CONTINUE READING
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