Measurement of Charged Particle Production from 450 GeV / c Protons on Beryllium . The NA 56 / SPY Collaboration

  title={Measurement of Charged Particle Production from 450 GeV / c Protons on Beryllium . The NA 56 / SPY Collaboration},
  author={Giovanna Ambrosini and Razvan I. Arsenescu and Kent Bernier and C. Biino and M. Bonesini and W. Bonivento and Kevin Borer and Gustaaf Brooijmans and M. Gabriela Catanesi and G. Collazuol and Dean Daniels and F. Dittus and K. Elsener and Andrew Godley and Andrew Haydn Grant and Gh Gregoire and Alessandra Guglielmi and Sonia Kabana and R. Klingenberg and G. Lehmann and Thomas Linden and L. Linssen and Alberto Marchionni and S. R. Mishra and Lauren Moffitt and Uirike Moser and Valentina Palladino and Francesco Pietropaolo and Klaus Pretzl and A Pullia and Emilio Radicioni and Simone Ragazzi and J{\"u}rg Schacher and Franco Sergiampietri and F. J. Perez Soler and Florian Stoffel and T. Tabarelli de Fatis and F. Terranova and Susan Tovey and E. Tsesmelis and Marv Weber},
This paper presents the results on charged particle yields and production ratios as measured by the NA56/SPY experiment for 450 GeV/c proton interactions on beryllium targets. The data cover a secondary momentum range from 7 GeV/c to 135 GeV/c and pT values up to 600 MeV/c. An experimental accuracy on the measured yields in the range from 5% to 10%, depending on the beam momentum, and around 3% for the particle production ratios has been achieved. These measurements are relevant for a precise… CONTINUE READING
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