Measurement of CP asymmetry in D0 → K−K+ and D0 → π−π+ decays

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A bstractTime-integrated CP asymmetries in D0 decays to the final states K−K+ and π−π+ are measured using proton-proton collisions corresponding to 3fb−1 of integrated luminosity collected at centre-of-mass energies of 7 TeV and 8 TeV. The D0 mesons are produced in semileptonic b-hadron decays, where the charge of the accompanying muon is used to determine the initial flavour of the charm meson. The difference in CP asymmetries between the two final states is measured to be ΔACP=ACPK−K+−ACP… 

Measurement of indirect CP asymmetries in D0 → K−K+ and D0 → π−π+ decays using semileptonic B decays

A bstractTime-dependent CP asymmetries in the decay rates of the singly Cabibbo-suppressed decays D0 → K−K+ and D0 → π−π+ are measured in pp collision data corresponding to an integrated luminosity

Measurement of the ratio of branching fractions and difference in CP asymmetries of the decays B+ → J/ψπ+ and B+ → J/ψK+

A bstractThe ratio of branching fractions and the difference in CP asymmetries of the decays B+ → J/ψπ+ and B+ → J/ψK+ are measured using a data sample of pp collisions collected by the LHCb

Measurement of the CKM angle γ using B± → DK± with D → KS0π+π−, KS0K+K− decays

A bstractA binned Dalitz plot analysis of B± → DK± decays, with D→KS0π+π−$$ D\to {K}_{{}^{\mathrm{S}}}^0{\pi}^{+}{\pi}^{-} $$ and D→KS0K+K−$$ D\to {K}_{{}^{\mathrm{S}}}^0{K}^{+}{K}^{-} $$, is

Search for CP violation in D± → KS0K± and Ds± → KS0π± decays

A bstractA search for CP violation in Cabibbo-suppressed D± → KS0K± and Ds± → KS0π± decays is performed using pp collision data, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 3 fb, recorded by the

Observation of CP Violation in Charm Decays.

The first observation of CP violation in the decay of charm hadrons is observed, where the measured value differs from zero by more than 5 standard deviations.

Measurement of CP observables in B± → DK*± decays using two- and four-body D final states

A bstractMeasurements of CP observables in B± → DK*± decays are presented, where D denotes a superposition of D0 and D¯0$$ {\overline{D}}^0 $$ meson states. Decays of the D meson to K−π+, K−K+, π−π+,

Measurement of the Charm-Mixing Parameter y_{CP}.

The charm-mixing parameter y_{CP} is measured to be in agreement with, and as precise as, the current world-average value of 0.57±0.13(stat)± 0.09(syst).

Observation of the doubly Cabibbo-suppressed decay Ξc+ → pϕ

A bstractThe doubly Cabibbo-suppressed decay Ξc+ → pϕ with ϕ → K+K− is observed for the first time, with a statistical significance of more than fifteen standard deviations. The data sample used in

Observation of the Λb0 → J/ψ pπ− decay

A bstractThe first observation of the Cabibbo-suppressed decay Λb0 → J/ψpπ− is reported using a data sample of proton-proton collisions at 7 and 8 TeV, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 3

Measurement of CP violation parameters and polarisation fractions in Bs0→J/ψK¯∗0$$ {\mathrm{B}}_{\mathrm{s}}^0\to \mathrm{J}/\psi {\overline{\mathrm{K}}}^{\ast 0} $$ decays

A bstractThe first measurement of CP asymmetries in the decay Bs0→J/ψK¯∗8920$$ {B}_s^0\to J/\psi {\overline{\mathrm{K}}}^{\ast }{(892)}^0 $$ and an updated measurement of its branching fraction and



Precision measurement of D meson mass differences

A bstractUsing three- and four-body decays of D mesons produced in semileptonic b-hadron decays, precision measurements of D meson mass differences are made together with a measurement of the D0

Measurement of CP-violating asymmetries in D0→π +π - and D0→K +K - decays at CDF

We report on a measurement of CP-violating asymmetries (A{sub CP}) in the Cabibbo-suppressed D{sup 0} {yields} {pi}{sup +}{pi}{sup -} and D{sup 0} {yields} K{sup +}K{sup -} decays reconstructed in a

C P asymmetries in singly-Cabibbo-suppressed D decays to two pseudoscalar mesons

The LHCb Collaboration has recently reported evidence for a $CP$ asymmetry approaching the percent level in the difference between

Measurement of D0-D0 mixing parameters and search for CP violation using D0 → K+ π- decays.

The analysis uses data from proton-proton collisions at 7 and 8 TeV center-of-mass energies recorded by the LHCb experiment to determination the most precise determination of charm mixing parameters from a single experiment and shows no evidence for CP violation.

New physics and CP violation in singly Cabibbo suppressed D decays

We analyze various theoretical aspects of $CP$ violation in singly Cabibbo suppressed (SCS) $D$ meson decays, such as $D\ensuremath{\rightarrow}KK,\ensuremath{\pi}\ensuremath{\pi}$. In particular, we

Repercussions of flavour symmetry breaking on CP violation in D-meson decays

A bstractWe investigate to what extent the recently measured value for a non-vanishing direct CP asymmetry in D0 → K+K− and D0 → π+π− decays can be accommodated in the Standard Model (SM) or

Measurement of the difference in CP-violating asymmetries in D(0)→K(+)K(-) and D(0)→π(+)π(-) decays at CDF.

We report a measurement of the difference (ΔA(CP)) between time-integrated CP-violating asymmetries in D(0)→K(+)K(-) and D(0)→π(+)π(-) decays reconstructed in the full data set of proton-antiproton