Measurement of 100 nm and 60 nm Particle Standards by Differential Mobility Analysis

  title={Measurement of 100 nm and 60 nm Particle Standards by Differential Mobility Analysis},
  author={George W. Mulholland and Michelle K. Donnelly and Charles R. Hagwood and Scott R. Kukuck and Vincent A Hackley and David Y. H. Pui},
  booktitle={Journal of research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology},
The peak particle size and expanded uncertainties (95 % confidence interval) for two new particle calibration standards are measured as 101.8 nm ± 1.1 nm and 60.39 nm ± 0.63 nm. The particle samples are polystyrene spheres suspended in filtered, deionized water at a mass fraction of about 0.5 %. The size distribution measurements of aerosolized particles are made using a differential mobility analyzer (DMA) system calibrated using SRM(®) 1963 (100.7 nm polystyrene spheres). An electrospray… CONTINUE READING


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