Measurement of (anti)deuteron and (anti)proton production in DIS at HERA

  title={Measurement of (anti)deuteron and (anti)proton production in DIS at HERA},
  author={Zeus Collaboration S. Chekanov and et al.},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},
Hadron production in ep collisions at HERA
Production of KS0, Λ, Λ, proton, antiproton, deuteron and antideuteron hadrons has been measured at HERA ep collider using the ZEUS detector. The measurements agree, in general with models and are
Measurement of Antideuteron Production
A measurement of the antideuteron production rate is an important baseline for indirect search of dark matter. The analysis presents an antideuteron identification method for the Belle II detector,
Production of deuterons, tritons, He 3 nuclei, and their antinuclei in pp collisions at s =0.9, 2.76, and 7 TeV
Invariant differential yields of deuterons and antideuterons in pp collisions at s = 0.9, 2.76 and 7 TeV and the yields of tritons, He3 nuclei, and their antinuclei at s = 7 TeV have been measured
Antideuterons from Decaying Gravitino Dark Matter
We study the possibility of improving the constraints on the lifetime of gravitino dark matter in scenarios with bilinear R-parity violation by estimating the amount of cosmic-ray antideuterons that
Helium-3 production from Pb+Pb collisions at SPS energies with the UrQMD model and the traditional coalescence afterburner
A potential version of the UrQMD (UrQMD/M) transport model and a traditional coalescence model are combined to calculate the production of 3He fragments in central Pb+Pb collisions at SPS energies


Pentaquarks in high-energy colliding experiments: perspectives from HERA
Abstract.Several issues related to pentaquark searches relevant for current and future high-energy colliding experiments are discussed. We make an attempt to explain why pentaquark candidates are not
Measurement of anti-deuteron photoproduction and a search for heavy stable charged particles at HERA
The cross section for anti-deuteron photoproduction is measured at HERA at a mean centre-of-mass energy of W_{\gamma p} = 200 GeV in the range 0.2 < p_T/M < 0.7 and |y| < 0.4, where M, p_T and y are
Deuteron and antideuteron production in Au+Au collisions at root s(NN)=200 GeV
The production of deuterons and antideuterons in the transverse momentum range 1.1 < p(T)< 4.3 GeV/c at midrapidity in Au+Au collisions at root s(NN) = 200 GeV has been studied by the PHENIX