Measurement of γrays from cold fusion

  title={Measurement of $\gamma$rays from cold fusion},
  author={Martin L. Fleischmann and Stanley Pons and Marvin Hawkins and R. Hoffman},
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  • 2018
Preventing injury, illness and disability at work.
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A theory of the relativistic fermionic spinrevorbital
The Little Rules and Effect describe the cause of phenomena of physical and chemical transformations on the basis of spin antisymmetry and the consequent magnetism of the most fundamental elements of
The effect of amino groups on the stability of DNA duplexes and triplexes based on purines derived from inosine.
The presence of an amino group at position 8 of the hypoxanthine moiety stabilizes the triplex but, surprisingly, destabilizes the duplex.
Darstellung und kritische Analyse bestehender Ansätze zur Auftragsplanung bei Serienfertigung
Mit dem Begriff der Auftragsplanung sollen hier diejenigen Teilaufgaben der operativen Produktionsplanung zusammengefast werden, die zur Festlegung von Bestell- bzw. Fertigungsauftragen in
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Concerning the detection of neutrons and γ-rays from cells containing palladium cathodes polarized in heavy water
SummaryIt is shown that neutrons generated in «cold fusion» cells can be detected following thermalization by means of high-resolution spectroscopy of the γ-rays generated by the (n, γ) reaction in
Competition Among Scientific Disciplines in Cold Nuclear Fusion Research
In the controversy in 1989 over the reported achievement of cold nuclear fusion, parts of the physics and chemistry communities were opposed in both a theoretic and a professional competition.