Measurement of $J/\psi$ at forward and backward rapidity in $p+p$, $p+A$l, $p+A$u, and $^3$He$+$Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{_{NN}}}=200~{\rm GeV}$

  title={Measurement of \$J/\psi\$ at forward and backward rapidity in \$p+p\$, \$p+A\$l, \$p+A\$u, and \$^3\$He\$+\$Au collisions at \$\sqrt\{s_\{_\{NN\}\}\}=200~\{\rm GeV\}\$},
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Charmonium is a valuable probe in heavy-ion collisions to study the properties of the quark gluon plasma, and is also an interesting probe in small collision systems to study cold nuclear matter effects, which are also present in large collision systems. With the recent observations of collective behavior of produced particles in small system collisions, measurements of the modification of charmonium in small systems have become increasingly relevant. We present the results of $J/\psi… Expand
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Measurement of quarkonium production in proton–lead and proton–proton collisions at $$5.02~\mathrm {TeV}$$5.02TeV with the ATLAS detector
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