Measurement and analysis system of the ankle motion in healthy gait evaluation with data classification


Ankle motion is a significant gait parameter for walking, which includes parameters such as angle of movement while walking and the average of the angle signal. This preliminary research is to study the ankle motion of the foot by creating an electronic measurement which measures the angle, measure the number of steps, and the experimental results were analyzed the signal movement of the ankle. This research prototype can measure for those who have problems the walking and normal subjects are compared to commercial gait equipment (Ultra-Flex measurement) [8]. The creating a prototype measurement to support medical device incorporates the passive sensors, the Arduino [7] as ADK R3 microcontroller board, storage unit, and display units. The experimental results show the measured parameters, we will analyze the results of walking signal that occurs at the ankle motion with initial behavior analysis of subjects. This research is used for testing with 36 subjects. The subjects were divided into those with less disabled subjects and normal subjects. After testing measurements with our prototype, we have analyzed the effects of ankle motion and using the classification of three groups, which results in a satisfactory level.

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