Measurement and Shaping of Circular Airy Vortex via Cross Phase.

  title={Measurement and Shaping of Circular Airy Vortex via Cross Phase.},
  author={Chen Wang and Yuan Ren},
  journal={arXiv: Optics},

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It is demonstrated that two opposite OVs will annihilate exactly at the focal plane, with the focal intensity is highly increased.

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A new type of phase structure called the high-order cross-phase (HOCP) is proposed, which can be employed to modulate OVs to implement polygonal shaping and multi-singularity manipulation simultaneously at far-field to facilitate applications in optical micro-manipulation and optical communication.

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By a choice of initial launch condition, the number of topological charge of the incident beams, as well as its size, greatly affect the focal intensity and the focal length of the autofocused ring Airy Gaussian vortex beams.

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It was found that the doughnut-like intensity pattern of a vortex beam would separate into several bright and dark fringes, and this property was proposed as a convenient method to measure the topological charge of a Vortex beam by observing its intensity pattern after passing through a twisting phase.