Measurement and Analysis of Fission Rates in a Spherical Mockup of Uranium and Polyethylene

  title={Measurement and Analysis of Fission Rates in a Spherical Mockup of Uranium and Polyethylene},
  author={Zhu Tong-Hua and Yang Chao-wen and Lu Xin-xin and Liu Rong and Han Zijie and Jiang Li and Wang Mei},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Detectors},
Measurements of the reaction rate distribution were carried out using two kinds of Plate Micro Fission Chamber(PMFC). The first is a depleted uranium chamber and the second an enriched uranium chamber. The material in the depleted uranium chamber is strictly the same as the material in the uranium assembly. With the equation solution to conduct the isotope contribution correction, the fission rate of 238U and 235U were obtained from the fission rate of depleted uranium and enriched uranium. And… 
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