Measured intelligence, achievement, openness to experience, and creativity

  title={Measured intelligence, achievement, openness to experience, and creativity},
  author={Julie Aitken Harris},
  journal={Personality and Individual Differences},
  • J. Harris
  • Published 1 March 2004
  • Psychology
  • Personality and Individual Differences

Indirect Effects of Fluid Intelligence on Creative Aptitude Through Openness to Experience

The intelligence-creativity relationship has been extensively investigated. While previous studies mainly focused on the relationship between intelligence and creative achievement or creative

Using the 16PF to Test the Differentiation of Personality by Intelligence Hypothesis

The results provide little support for the differentiation of personality by intelligence hypothesis as there was no clear and consistent pattern of lower inter-scale correlations for the more intelligent individuals.

Personality and intelligence predicts arts and science school results in 16 year olds.

The results further support the use of personality measures being used in academic selection procedures and confirms that personality can predict AP at school level.



Openness to Experience as a Basic Dimension of Personality

In this article I trace some of the historic roots of the concept of Openness to Experience and provide data on the convergent and discriminant validity of measures of Openness in the Revised NEO

Intelligence, personality, and interests: evidence for overlapping traits.

The authors provide an extensive meta-analysis of personality-int intellectual ability correlations, and a review of interest-intellectual ability associations that provide evidence for communality across the domains of personality of J. L. Holland's (1959) model of vocational interests.

Measurement of Creativity: A Factor Analytic Study

To examine the inter-relationships among 10 representative tests of creativity 108 college students, ranging from sophomore to graduate status, completed all 10 tests which represented the

Self‐rated personality and intelligence: a multivariate genetic analysis

The present study investigated the phenotypic, genetic, and environmental correlations between personality factors and measured intelligence. Twin pairs (92 monozygotic and 50 same sex dizygotic)

Theoretical and Empirical Relationships between Personality and Intelligence

What theoretical relationships have been postulated between intelligence and personality? The short answer is that there are very few in the mainstream of Western personality research. Even books

Factor Analysis of Measures of Aptitude, Intelligence, Personality, and Performance in High School Subjects.

The purpose of the present study was to use factor analysis to demonstrate relationships among aptitude, intelligence, personality, and performance in various high school subjects. Over five hundred