Measles in Port Moresby.

  title={Measles in Port Moresby.},
  author={John L. Wyatt and G. B. Wyatt},
  journal={Papua and New Guinea medical journal},
  volume={19 4},
To assess the importance and severity of measles in the Port Moresby area, 101 cases seen in hospital Out-Patients, and 26 cases seen in urban clinics during 1974, and 277 cases admitted during 1973-74, are analysed. The majority of cases were in children under 3 year of age. Of the 101 out-patients, only 19 had uncomplicated measles. 61 had pneumonia and 28 had gastro-enteritis. 19 needed admission to hospital. There were no deaths. Of the 277 admitted patients, 73% had pneumonia, 26% had… CONTINUE READING