Measles in Bolivia: A 'honeymoon period'.

  title={Measles in Bolivia: A 'honeymoon period'.},
  author={Cristina Masuet-Aumatell and Josep Ma Ramon-Torrell and Aurora Casanova-Rituerto and Marta Banqu{\'e} Navarro and Mar{\'i}a Del Rosario D{\'a}valos Gamboa and Sandra Luc{\'i}a Monta{\~n}o Rodr{\'i}guez},
  volume={31 16},
BACKGROUND Although measles is a highly infectious disease, the live measles vaccine provides protection for over 20 years, and immunity may be lifelong. This study assessed measles seroprevalence in schoolchildren in the Cochabamba region of Bolivia. METHODS A seroepidemiological survey of measles immunity in 5-16-year-old schoolchildren (n=441) living… CONTINUE READING