Measles eradication: experience in the Americas.

  title={Measles eradication: experience in the Americas.},
  author={Ciro A. de Quadros and Bradley S Hersh and Ana Cristina Martins de Almeida Nogueira and Peter Carrasco and Carolina B M da Silveira},
  journal={Bulletin of the World Health Organization},
  volume={76 Suppl 2},
In 1994, the Ministers of Health from the Region of the Americas targeted measles for eradication from the Western Hemisphere by the year 2000. To achieve this goal, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) developed an enhanced measles eradication strategy. First, a one-time-only "catch-up" measles vaccination campaign is conducted among children aged 9 months to 14 years. Efforts are then made to vaccinate through routine health services ("keep-up") at least 95% of each newborn cohort at… CONTINUE READING

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