Measles associated chromosome breakage

  title={Measles associated chromosome breakage},
  author={Warren W. Nichols and Albert Levan},
  journal={Archiv f{\"u}r die gesamte Virusforschung},
I n 1962 we repor ted chromosome breaks in pe r iphera l whi te blood cells (1) of pa t i en t s wi th cl inical measles (rubeola). This work was pa r t of a s t u d y on the re la t ionship be tween viruses, chromosomes, and carcinogenesis. The f i rs t sys tem s tud ied in this p ro jec t was a t u m o r virus, the S c h m i d t R u p p i n s t ra in of the Rous sa rcoma virus. This produces tumors no t only in the chicken and fowl bu t also in a wide va r i e t y of m a m m a l s (2). W h e… CONTINUE READING
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