Measles: an historical geography of a major human viral disease from global expansion to local retreat, 1840–1990


(Leslie Sue Lieberman), and Diarrhea (Herbert DuPont). Evading a common enough mistake in this sort of work in the past, the preparers make no attempt to retain current or presentist (and hence necessarily ephemeral) categories. Thus, throughout the approximately 550 largeformat pages of this section, one will find "Dyspepsia" next to "Ebola Virus Disease," and "Gangrene" next to "Giardiasis". A salubrious eclecticism prevails. It is always possible in a reference work to expound one's "druthers" in terms of areas receiving less emphasis. There is little here on poisons and poisoning (though environmental toxins get good play in Frank Innes's chapter [VII. 8] on 'Disease ecologies of North America'). One would have liked to see a modicum of attention given to the important area of iatrogenic illness. Certainly more tables and illustrations, most particularly in part VIII, would have been welcome. If these are areas where the coverage is thin, however, it seems the editors have performed admirably in tailoring their range to the historical talent available. Further offsetting these gaps are equally admirable production qualities. In a return to its glory days, Cambridge has seen to it that we get a nicely tumed out oversize volume, with superb, exhaustive indices to names and subjects. I agree with other reviewers of the Cambridge world history of human disease: it moves quickly onto the "indispensable" shelf of every personal and institutional library.

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