Meaning as Use: Transmission Fidelity and Evolution in NetNews

  title={Meaning as Use: Transmission Fidelity and Evolution in NetNews},
  author={Michael L. Best and Richard Pocklington},
  journal={Journal of Theoretical Biology},
Gatherer & McEwan (1998) respond to our article (Pocklington & Best, 1997) with several apparently serious criticisms, concluding that our foray into cultural transmission theory is fundamentally flawed. Here we deal with each of their criticisms, in most cases by restating more precisely our model and claims. First we will outline some of the errors in their interpretation of our model and results. The bulk of their criticisms arise, we suspect, from the low fidelity transmission of ideas from… 
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Clinton Richard Dawkins has become a divisive public figure, mainly because of his controversial views on religion, but the evolutionary biologist and erstwhile Professor for Public Understanding of
Cultural Transmission Theory and the Archaeological Record: Providing Context to Understanding Variation and Temporal Changes in Material Culture
Cultural transmission (CT) is implicit in many explanations of culture change. Formal CT models were defined by anthropologists 30 years ago and have been a subject of active research in the social
Information: Evolution, Psychology, and Politics
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This chapter explores three theories of information: social evolution, which ties social information to broader conceptions of information at the root of physical existence and the evolutionary
Niche construction, biological evolution, and cultural change
In this model, phenotypes have a much more active role in evolution than generally conceived and sheds light on hominid evolution, on the evolution of culture, and on altruism and cooperation.
Coevolving Mutualists Guide Simulated Evolution
It is argued that coevolved mutualists can help evolution find a solution it otherwise could not solve (namely, selection of some particular single bit string in an uncorrelated landscape) and it is suggested that natural problems such as wasp/fig tree signaling, or gene-culture coevoludon of vocal learning in songbirds or human natural language may be guided by coevolutionary mutualism.
Moving From Artifact to Action: A Grounded Investigation of Visual Displays of Evidence during Medical Deliberations
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Differentiating, describing, and visualizing scientific space: A novel approach to the analysis of published scientific abstracts
This paper will develop and demonstrate a novel method for analyzing scientific indexes called Latent Semantic Differentiation, able to identify the dominant themes, cluster the articles accordingly, visualize the results, and provide a qualitative description of each cluster.


Cultural Evolution and Units of Selection in Replicating Text
This paper outlines the necessary connection between units of selection and evolution, describes the properties of a unit of selection, and introduces an empirical method for the detection of putative Units of selection in a model cultural system: discourse within NetNews, a discussion system on the Internet.
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THERE are not a few signs, of which the book before us is an important one, that thought is moving in the direction indicated by Mr. Mill in the quasi-prophetical conclusion to his “System of Logic,”
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Philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein had an enormous influence on twentieth-century philosophy even though only one of his works, the famous "Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus", was published in his
Models for Interacting Populations of Memes : Competition and Niche Behavior
It is found that high levels of competition occur more frequently among quasi-species who exist within a narrow ecological niche, and is noted that this phenomena also occurs in natural ecologies.
An Ecology of Text: Using Text Retrieval to Study Alife on the Net
It is argued that natural selection is necessarily in operation because sufficient conditions for its occurrence are met: replication, mutagenicity, and trait/fitness covariance.
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WE have had occasion to speak of the wide extension which geographical science has taken in Germany, and of the broad and intricate field which it covers. The work before us is a good example of
The Major Transitions in Evolution
This book discusses the origins of societies, development and evolution, and the development of spatial patterns in simple organisms.
On Units of Selection in Cultural Evolution.
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Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval
Reading is a need and a hobby at once and this condition is the on that will make you feel that you must read.