Meaning and understanding in the history of ideas

  title={Meaning and understanding in the history of ideas},
  author={Q. Skinner},
  journal={History and Theory},
  • Q. Skinner
  • Published 1969
  • Education
  • History and Theory
The task of the historian of ideas is to study and interpret a canon of classic texts. The value of writing this kind of history stems from the fact that the classic texts in moral, political, religious and other such modes of thought contain a ‘dateless wisdom’ in the form of ‘universal ideas’. As a result, we can hope to learn and benefit directly from investigating these ‘timeless elements’, since they possess a perennial relevance. This in turn suggests that the best way to approach these… 
The last fifteen years have seen a number of attempts to imagine what lies “beyond” the linguistic and cultural turns of recent decades in historiography. The impulse is derived, one suspects, from
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In a discussion of methodological problems in the study of the history of ideas in which the focus is primarily on literature dealing with the history of political theory or philosophy, Quentin
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Recent challenges to traditional approaches and purposes for studying the history of political theory have raised questions about its constitution as both a subject matter and subfield of political
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Abstract This essay takes up the fundamental question of the proper place of history in the study of political thought through critical engagement with Mark Bevir’s seminal work, The Logic of the
Hobbes ’ Visible rHeToric : a case sTudy of HisTory of poliTical ideas
in the topic of this article, it is the early modern intellectual history; it will be offered at first an overview of the approaches of the parallelism between the researches of words, pictures, and
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The history of political thought in Britain still exists in the shadow of the great methodological argument that began in the 1960s, concerning the relative importance of meaning and context in the
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I begin this thesis by reviewing the use of the concept of tradition in the disciplines of theology and literary criticism. In Chapter II I discuss a number of concepts for which ‘tradition’ is often
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The Origins of British ‘Social Science’: Political Economy, Natural Science and Statistics, 1830–1835
The history of ‘sociology’ as it has been written in the last generation is largely a history of fictions. It is characterized by the various mythologies that Skinner isolated in 1969 in his attempt
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Abstract While the discipline of International Relations (IR) has a long tradition of celebrating ‘great thinkers’ and appropriating their ideas for contemporary theories, it has rarely accounted for


Texts in Political Theory
I N recent years several new editions of the texts of the great political theorists have appeared, some of them critical editions such as T. M. Knox’s edition of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right (1942) or
The Political Theory of Possessive Individualism: Hobbes to Locke
All Access to Crawford Brough Macpherson The Political Theory Of Possessive Individualism Hobbes To Locke PDF. Free Download Crawford Brough Macpherson The Political Theory Of Possessive
Machiavelli's Prince and its Forerunners
Man as a Subject for Science
578, on Hobbes's failure to "realize the importance of the clash between different classes." It is a matter of scholarly dispute as to whether Hobbes lived in a society
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