Mean weight-diameter of soil aggregates as a statistical index of aggregation.

  title={Mean weight-diameter of soil aggregates as a statistical index of aggregation.},
  author={Cornelius H. M. van Bavel},
  journal={Soil Science Society of America Journal},
  • C. V. Bavel
  • Published 1950
  • Environmental Science
  • Soil Science Society of America Journal
A analysis by the wet sieving method (Tiulin, 7; Yoder, 9) has many desirable aspects as a routine procedure for characterizing the structural status of the soil. Among individual investigators, however, the detailed technique of the procedure is found to vary widely, particularly with reference to the pretreatment of the sample, the method of sieving, the number and size of the sieves, and the method of presenting the data. The method of sieving and sieve sizes have been chosen arbitrarily… 

2.6 Aggregate Stability and Size Distribution

A soil aggregate is “a group of primary soil particles that cohere to each other more strongly than to other surrounding particles” (Soil Science Society of America, 1997). Soil aggregates can be

A Wet Sieving Apparatus for Determining Aggregate Stability of Soils

The design, construction and testing of an equipment to wet sieve soil aggregates to determine their stability to water disruption is described. The equipment is a modification of the original design

Aggregate‐Size Stability Distribution and Soil Stability

A new theoretical and experimental framework that permits an accurate determination of aggregate-size stability distribution is presented. The size-stability distribution in addition to estimating

Sensitivity of fractal parameters of soil aggregates to different management practices in a Phaeozem in central Argentina

Changes in soil structure often accompany changes in management practices and may affect the effectiveness of these practices. Parameters are needed to quantify these changes. Our objective was to

Multifractal analysis of soil particle size distribution to evaluate the effects of gypsum on the quality of sodic soils

Soil particle size distribution (PSD) essentially determines the soil's physical characteristics, including aggregate stability and porosity. Evaluating the PSD of sodic soils altered by reclamation

Rapid method for the determination of water-stable aggregates in soils

A description is given of a wet-sieving method for the determination of the water-stable aggregates in a soil as an indication of the crumb structure. The method is rapid and convenient and gives