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Mean square of zeta function, circle problem and divisor problem revisited

  title={Mean square of zeta function, circle problem and divisor problem revisited},
  author={Jean Bourgain and Nigel Watt},
  journal={arXiv: Analysis of PDEs},
This paper is closely related to the recent work [BW17] of the same authors and our purpose is to elaborate more on some of the results and methods from [BW17]. More specifically our goal is two-fold. Firstly, we will indicate how a simple variant related to Section 4 in [BW17] leads to the following improvements of Theorem 3 in [BW17] 
On restricted divisor sums associated to the Chowla-Walum conjecture
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On a sum involving certain arithmetic functions and the integral part function
  • Jing Ma, Huayan Sun
  • Mathematics
  • 2021
In this short, we study sums of the shape ∑ n6x f([x/n])/[x/n], where f is Euler totient function φ, Dedekind function Ψ, sum-of-divisors function σ or the alternating sum-of-divisors function β. WeExpand
Uniform bounds of the Piltz divisor problem over number fields
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On a generalization of a theorem of Popov
In this paper, we obtain sharp estimates for the number of lattice points under and near the dilation of a general parabola, the former generalizing an old result of Popov. We apply Vaaler's lemmaExpand
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n1,...,nr≤x f([n1 · · ·nr]), where r ≥ 2 is a fixed integer, [n1, . . . , nr] stands for the least common multiple of the integers n1, . . . , nr and f is one of the divisor functions τ1,k(n) (k ≥Expand
Power moments and value distribution of functions
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Chebotarev density theorem in short intervals for extensions of 𝔽_{𝕢}(𝕋)
<p>An old open problem in number theory is whether the Chebotarev density theorem holds in short intervals. More precisely, given a Galois extension <inline-formula content-type="math/mathml">Expand
An Improved Remainder Estimate in the Weyl Formula for the Planar Disk
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On Differences of Semicubical Powers
Abstract.For X,Y,Δ>0, let and define I8(X,Y,Δ) to be the cardinality of the set. In this paper it is shown that, for ε>0, Y2/X3 = O(Δ), Δ = O(Y3/X3) and X = O (Y2), one has I8(X,Y,Δ) = O(X2Y2 + XεExpand
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