Mean platelet volume measurement, EDTA or citrate?

  title={Mean platelet volume measurement, EDTA or citrate?},
  author={Mansour Siavash Dastjerdi and Tajolmolouk Emami and Alireza Najafian and Masoud Amini},
  volume={11 5},
Most laboratories use EDTA for anticoagulation of whole blood prior to automated cell counting but due to platelet swelling, mean platelet volume (MPV) values may increase with its use. MPV changes may be less with acid citrate based anticoagulation. As MPV is a marker of platelet function and its precise measurement is important in a number of clinical situations, this study was performed to assess if EDTA and citrate based anticoagulated blood samples can be used interchangeably for MPV… CONTINUE READING


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