Mdmx stabilizes p53 and Mdm2 via two distinct mechanisms.

  title={Mdmx stabilizes p53 and Mdm2 via two distinct mechanisms.},
  author={Robert Stad and Natalie A. Little and Dimitris P. Xirodimas and Ruth Frenk and Alex J van der Eb and D. P. Lane and Mark K. Saville and Aart G. Jochemsen},
  journal={EMBO reports},
  volume={2 11},
The p53 protein maintains genomic integrity through its ability to induce cell cycle arrest or apoptosis in response to various forms of stress. Substantial regulation of p53 activity occurs at the level of protein stability, largely determined by the activity of the Mdm2 protein. Mdm2 targets both p53 and itself for ubiquitylation and subsequent proteasomal degradation by acting as an ubiquitin ligase, a function that needs an intact Mdm2 RING finger. For efficient degradation of p53 nuclear… CONTINUE READING
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